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User Guide 

Model Version : MOUNTGO7S1

1.0 Basic Information 

The MountGo Car Screen is a plug & play infortaintment system for your vehicle that gives you access to the latest in-car tech features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

What's Included?

- 1 x MountGo Car Screen

- 1 x Power Cable

- 1 x Adjustable Dash Mount

- 1 x Adjustable Window Mount

- 1 x User Manual

2.0 Install MountGo to Your Car  

2.1 Mounting Methods

Step 1 : Remove the protection from the and aligh the 4 tabs of the locking clamp with the rear inserts of the MountGo screen. 

Step 2 : Make sure the clips are all the way in, hold the MountGo firm and push the locking clamp up to the "CLOSE" position. 

Step 3 : Adjust the positionign of the telescoping mount to your prefered angle and make sure to find the desired location on your window or dash prior to taking the adhesive sticker off from the telescoping mount. 

Step 4 : Remove the advisive sticker and place the device on your desired location. The screen can still be adjusted later. 

Step 5 : Lock the telesoping mount in place just pulling forward the tab at the base of the mount until it clicked into place. 

Step 6  : Using the dials on the telecoping mount, set the final position of your MountGo.

Step 7 : Rotate, pivot or tilk the MountGo while tightening the adjustable locking wheel to secure the screen in place. 

2.2 Power Supply 

Step 1 : Plug the 12V auxiliary power cable into a working cigarette lighter input. 

Step 2 : Insert the the opposite end of the cable into MountGo "DC 12V" connection. 

Step 3 : Your MountGo is now connected to a power supply and will automatically turn on when your car's turned on. 

If the MountGo is not turning on, please visit a qualifed vehcile mechanic to ensure your ciagreetee lighter input is working and supplying the correct voltage. If you are still experiencing any issues, please contact us. 

2.3 Cable Connection 

Step 1 : If your car has an AUX input, you can plug the included AUX cable into the MountGo's "AUDIO" input and plug the opposite end into tyour cars AUX input. Depending on your car's model, this will allow you to play audio via the AUX mode of your vechile. If you don't have an AUX input, please see steps below. 

3.0 Connect MountGo to Your Device 

3.1 Bluetooth Connection 

Step 1 : 

3.2 Apple CarPlay Connection 

3.3 Android Auto Connection 

4.0 Playing Audio Through Speakers 

4.1 FM Transmission 

Step 1 : Go to the MountGo home screen and click on the FM tranmission section 

Step 2 : Change the RM radio station of the MountGo using the pre-filled stations and the left and right arrows. We recoccommend using FM radio stations between 87.5 – 92, 94 – 108 MHz as these are the least used frenqencies. 

Step 3 : Change your car's radio station to match the radio station on the Mounto

Step 4 : Press the "ON" selection on the MountGo. Any static should stop and the MountGo should now be connected to your device. Some vehicles have half stations so you will have to tweek the station on your car's radio until the static has stopped. Please note, if the MountGo is not turned on, or the power is disonnected then the connection will not work. 

Step 5 : Your car will now automatically connect to the MountGo via the selected FM station unless it's changed. We also reccommend to turn the volume back down at the end of a drive to avoid loud static when the car is turned back on.

If you would like to play audio through your car's AUX input, make sure the FM transmission is set to "OFF" or the audio will not work. 

4.2 AUX

Step 1 : Complete the steps above and ensure your AUX cord is plugged into the MountGo and your vehicles AUX input

Step 2 : Make sure the FM transmission setting is set to "OFF"

Step 3 : Change your car's audio mode to AUX mode. 

Step 4 : Stream music through your cars AUX at your desired volume. If there is no audio, please check to make sure the MountGo or your phone is not on mute. 

4.3 Dual Bluetooth Connection 

Certain phone/car radio unit support dual bluetooth connection, which means that the phones bluetooth can be connected to the MountGo and the car's radio at the same time. This allowed for a scenario where Apple CarPlay or Android Auto can used on the MountGo (for navigation, etc.) while Bluetooth audio streaming simitaneously happens between the phone and head unit.