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MountGo Car Screen Software Update 2.0

MountGo Car Screen 

Software Update 

Release Date : 19.01.2024


New Update Features 

  • Improved Bluetooth connection & stability


Bug Fixes 

  • Fixes the software glitch that causes the MountGo to crash or reset


Download Secure Update Here

Click here to download the latest software update for the MountGo Car Screen. 


How to Install Update (Video & Steps)



  1. Click the link above to access the MountGo Software Update 2.0 files.
  2. Select both files "ISP_UPDT.BIN" & "ISPBOOOT.BIN" and click on "Download All." Insert a USB stick with no files on it (formatted) into your computer or laptop.
  3. Locate the zip files in your downloads. Right-click the zip file and select "Extract All."
  4. Extract these files to your USB stick and wait until the transfer is complete. You may need to format your USB before doing this.
  5. Navigate to the "MountGo Software Update 2.0" folder. Copy both files "ISP_UPDT.BIN" & "ISPBOOOT.BIN" and paste them into your main USB folder (as shown in the video).
  6. Remove the USB stick from your computer or laptop and plug it into the MountGo (before turning the MountGo ON).
  7. Turn the MountGo on and click the tick to begin the update (it should start automatically). Wait until the update is fully completed, and the MountGo has fully reset before removing the USB stick.
  8. Your MountGo is now fully updated, and you can reconnect it to your phone via Bluetooth.

Requirements for update 

  • MountGo Car Screen 
  • USB stick 
  • Laptop or computer with USB input